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Benjamin Franklin The Man Behind Himself - Literature Essay Samples

Benjamin Franklin has a reputation in American – and around the world – as a self-made man for rising from indentured servitude to become a wealthy, independent man. As a founding father of the United States, Franklin’s independence and industry are valued as having helped create the country we know today. However, there is much more to Franklin’s demeanor than many Americans know. Through his Autobiography, one can learn a plethora of information regarding the character of Franklin. His personal values often conflicted with political ideologies and he constantly referred to moral relativism. His self-perception was occasionally skewed, yet sometimes coincided with others’ perceptions of him. As an international celebrity, it seems Benjamin Franklin considered himself a strong, superior leader to whom moral law did not always apply, yet his morality prevails as one of his strongest legacies. It is possible that, simply through working to become the celebrity of (perhaps false) moral perfection America still celebrates, Benjamin Franklin really is a self-made man, actively working to shape his identity in terms of reputation and morality. Firstly, Franklin’s own moral ambiguity is at times disturbing. While he later preaches to others about moral perfection, he himself is lacking in that area; he has affairs with married women (whose husbands are his friends, no less), he abandons his brother while he is in jail, and he commits plenty of other petty offenses, particularly in his younger years. Franklin is very rarely judged for these offenses, however, because he reworks these events into a justifiable narrative for himself. For example, Franklin abandons a vegetarian diet, which he took up for moral reasons, and defends himself for it. I balanc’d some time between Principle and Inclination: till I recollected, that when the Fish were opened, I saw smaller Fish taken out of their stomachs: Then, thought I, if you eat one another, I don’t see why we mayn’t eat you. So I din’d upon Cod very heartily and continu’d to eat with other People, returning only now and then occasionally to a vegetable Diet. So convenient a thing it is to be a reasonable Creature, since it enables one to find or make a Reason for everything one has a mind to do. (Franklin 37) For Franklin, principle tends to shrivel in the face of inclination, because, as he sees it, inclination can be justified with the proper amount of rhetorical work; because Franklin is smart and cunning, he seems to be able to construct an argument in favor of whatever choices he may make. His principles are actually very weak indeed. Franklin tends to argue without having true moral stances. In his Historicus essay, Franklin takes a lenient stance against slavery, but quickly retracts himself from this stance lest he anger anyone; he ends the essay on a whimpering note of neutrality rather than a proud, solid argument in favor of real beliefs – in whichever way he may lean. In his Autobiography, as well, he argues for the sake of women’s education, but not for the reasons one would hope. He does not necessarily support the endeavor; rather, he claims, â€Å"I took the contrary Side, perhaps a little for Dispute sake† (Franklin 19). When he does make an argument based on a strong position, it seems it is for himself, such as in his â€Å"The Petition of the Letter Z,† in which he criticizes the man attempting to replace him; Franklin’s self-indulgent nature and favor of his own dilemmas over those of society are clear in how he writes about these matters. The man allows himself whatever gratification necessary, then worries about justifying his actions later, uncaring about how he may be affecting the overall society with his moral relativity. Despite caring only for matters involving himself, Franklin works to ensure others’ adherence to a moral code as well, using himself as an example of sorts, somehow. His created superiority over others may work to shame them, thus creating an externally perceived superiority of Franklin over others as well. Franklin is keen to observe any wrongdoings by his friends and correct them immediately. When he notices Ralph tends to favor Franklin’s writing over Osbourne’s, Franklin devises a scheme to switch his writing with Osbourne’s, thus catching Ralph in the lie he creates (Franklin 39). Ironically, what Ralph does is similar to what Franklin does. Ralph values what seems to be good based on its author, Franklin, or the celebrity and importance placed upon it. Franklin values what seems to be good based on how it will affect him rather than how it actually holds up to a moral code. Franklin’s criticism of others based on this offense and his exemption of himself under the same code proves that either Franklin does not recognize himself as breaking the rules he creates, or he lives by a very loose interpretation of morality. It seems most likely that Franklin simply believes himself above such rules, as his writing often points to his belief that he is superior to others. He mocks the workers in the new printing-house he works in, demonstrating his place above them, saying, â€Å"I drank only Water; the other Workmen, near 50 in Number, were great Guzzlers of Beer. On occasion I carried up and down Stairs a large Form of Types in each hand, when others carried but one in both Hands. They wonder’d to see from this and several Instances that the Water-American as they call’d me was stronger than themselves who drunk strong Beer† (Franklin 45). Franklin claims superiority over these new acquaintances not only by strength of body, but also by the value of hard work and sobriety. While Franklin never claims to be sober of alcohol, in this moment he implies it because it benefits his image by the public, placing him in a position reigning over other, less perfect individuals. Perhaps if Franklin emphasizes his perfection enough, it will be believed by the masses. Franklin directly attempts to shape the minds of others, as well, taking it upon himself to instruct the public and teach them the laws of goodness; he takes up an almost god-like stance in this way, determining the rules of the game himself. Through his career, he claims, â€Å"[†¦] I endeavored to prepare the Minds of the People by writing on the Subject in the Newspapers, which was my usual Custom in such Cases [†¦]† (Franklin 115). His need to change people shows he is unhappy with where society stands in its overall â€Å"goodness,† but he only superficially acknowledges that he may be a cause of this. It was about this time that I conceiv’d the bold and arduous Project of arriving at moral Perfection. I wish’d to live without committing any Fault at anytime; I would conquer all that either Natural Inclination, Custom, or Company might lead me into. As I knew, or thought I knew, what was right and wrong, I did not see why I might not always do the one and avoid the other. (Franklin 78). While Franklin supposedly attempts to live in moral perfection, he still takes a stance as a god-like figure. Firstly, he claims to believe to know right and wrong arbitrarily, something that can rarely be defined in black and white terms. Then, he attempts to reason that he can become entirely mistake-free, something that is commonly acknowledged to be impossible of humans. His guide to moral perfection (Franklin 79) shows a belief that morality can be categorized and quantified, enforcing the idea that Franklin is so superior as to have a grasp on something as complex as moral reason, turning it into something simple. Franklin’s preoccupation with fixing mistakes and erasing errata shows his inability to deal with imperfection. He worries that whatever view he may take up will be set in place forever; as an intellectual, constantly learning and growing, Franklin may understand that his views might change over time and may not want to be considered hypocritical or contradicting. He scoffs at the Quaker people for holding true to a particular principle that Franklin does not believe in. â€Å"These Embarrassments that the Quakers suffer’d from having establish’d and publish’d it as one of their Principles, that no kind of War was lawful, and which being once published, they could not afterwards, however they might change their minds, easily get rid of [†¦]† (Franklin 109). As this belief is not his own, he discredits it primarily, but he also seems to degrade it because it is a strong principle. As a writer, printer, and publisher, Franklin’s worst fear seems to be the permanence of the written, published word. While the publishing of such work helps him to develop celebrity and essentially immortal fame, it also creates a set mind, something that Franklin does not work with well. While it can easily be argued that Franklin’s values are sometimes skewed in a way that is morally corrupt, Franklin’s intentions seem to be mostly good. While his claims at perfect morality work to advance his literary career, they also work to bring comfort to the general population; in this way, Franklin really is a man of the people, whether or not he believes or practices the information and tidings he publishes. Through his work as an informant, he helped create and advance America’s media and print culture as we know it today. He claims, â€Å"I consider’d my Newspaper also as another Means of communicating Instruction, and in that View frequently reprinted in it Extracts from the Spectator and other moral Writers, and sometimes publish’d little Pieces of my own which had been first compos’d for Reading in our Junto† (Franklin 92). He dedicated his life to providing important education to the pubic. While Franklin was not morall y perfect, as he aspired to be, he took his duty as a moral instructor seriously, and was perhaps the only man brave enough to take on the task. Through his journey as a literary professional, one can see the real codes Franklin lived by: industry, yes, but also growth, education, and an open mind. Through these values, Franklin was able to mold himself into the role model America still looks up to today, despite the scandals and errata in which he involved himself.

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The Major Psychological Disorders Covered - 3588 Words

This final paper looks at summarizing one of the major psychological disorders covered in the course this semester - Thought disorder. It ‘s most commonly manifest in language (e.g. speech or writing) that is difficult to make sense of, Some people think that thought disorder is a specific problem of language and others think that it is a more general problem in semantics (meaning) that also leads to problems in making sense of non-verbal events around us. Thought disorders are conditions that affect the way a person thinks, creating a disturbance in the way a person puts together a logical sequence of ideas. It is commonly recognized by incoherent or disordered thinking, for example anyone suffering from a thought disorder may speak†¦show more content†¦Thought disorder, or thought disorganization, is a symptom of schizophrenia. Sequeira (2015) asserts that the â€Å"presence of psychotic symptoms does not indicate the presence of a formal thought disorder, but el aborates on the following to be some examples of a secondary psychotic disorders i.e. Substance induced psychosis, Organic psychosis, Bipolar disorder, Schizoaffective disorder, Psychotic depression, PTSD, Schizophrenia, Delusional disorder† I will endeavor to describe Schizophrenia, as it is understood within the field of psychology and neuroscience and review the theories of causation. I will attempt to explain the basic concepts regarding Schizophrenia and summarize the recommended treatments of Schizophrenia with basic emphasis to critic the current pros and cons on the topic Schizophrenia. I will utilize the five steps as outlined in the course syllabus for clarity and focus. Rifkin, A. (1984, p.367) claimed that â€Å"assuming that we know the causes. It is better to limit the definition to the salient features shared by all or almost all persons with the disorder. Since we know so little about the etiology of schizophrenia, or its pathophysiology, it is best to use cli nical features and some gross description of course, as is described in DSM-llI, as the definition most likely to be useful and least likely to contain wrong

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The American Association Of Nurse Practitioners - 1631 Words

The largest independent membership organization available exclusively to NPs is the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). Besides being a full-service national organization, it also certifies NPs nationally. The AANP represents all NP specialties and advocates for high-quality healthcare services for patients and their right to obtain such services from their provider of choice. One of the most significant functions of the AANP is its involvement in advocacy and government affairs. Over thirty laws benefiting NPs and their patients were passed with the support of the AANP over the last two years. The AANP has a dedicated federal staff that works with national policy stakeholders, regulators, members of Congress, and federal agencies to enact laws ranging from admitting privileges and appropriations to prescriptive authority. (AANP, 2015a). At the local level, there are organizations acting on a smaller but more personalized scale by providing opportunities for rela tionship-building among colleagues. For instance, the South Florida Council of Advanced Practice Nurses (SFCAPN) is a local assembly of NPs that through collegial relationships provide mutual support, share updates on clinical knowledge, and provide networking opportunities for its members. (SFCAPN, 2015). Core Competencies and Certification Requirements The curriculum for nurses in advance practice requires that every APRN is academically prepared by adhering to the seven core competenciesShow MoreRelatedNurse Practitioners : A Nurse Practitioner Essay1679 Words   |  7 Pages Nurse Practitioners Carly Clay HS101 Professor Stewart Abstract A Nurse Practitioner has a very serious job. Being a nurse practitioner is not a job for someone who is not willing to work hard and be ready for anything at any moments notice. There are many different specialties to being a nurse practitioner such as emergency care, pediatric. Nurse practitioners work long hours and can work anywhere, from a doctor’s office to a hospital. Introduction Becoming a nurse practitioner is aRead MoreTitle Viii Nursing Workforce Development1537 Words   |  7 Pagesprojected to reach more than one million nurses, and reform is needed to increase the interest in nursing therefore funding is needed for this transformation ((American Association of College of Nursing, n.d.). Prevention is essential to quality care therefore public health nurses need to be trained and have incentive to take these positions (American Association of College of Nursing, n.d.). There is also a growing need for advanced nurse practitioners to assist in running clinics to personalizeRead MorePersonal Statement For Becoming A Nurse981 Words   |  4 PagesMy first career interest is to be a Nurse started at a very young age when I wanted to take care of my parents when they were ill. I would always tell my parents I will take good care of them as they get older. Let alone, I enjoyed helping and taking care of people. In my spare time I would volunteer at loca l nursing home to visit the elderly patients and interact with them. Visiting the patients in a nursing brings lots of joy and happiness to me. With that being said, life has taken me in a differentRead MoreFull Practice Authority On Floridian Nurse Practitioners1272 Words   |  6 PagesFull Practice Authority Affecting Floridian Nurse Practitioners The Problem Affecting Floridian Nurse Practitioners Advanced practice nurse practitioners (APRNs) have been attempting for many years to eliminate barriers that prevent full practice authority nationwide. Each state has its own licensure and regulates APRN practice roles. APRNs benefit health care by addressing two pertinent needs: the lack of available physicians; and, the increase in patient comorbidities (Gray, 2016). Florida isRead MoreThe National Institute For Health Care Management1070 Words   |  5 Pagesthe demand†. (AACN) â€Å"Association of American Medical Colleges (AMAMC) still projects a shortage of 130,000 physicians by 2025, split between primary and specialty care.† (AAMC, 2010). With this shortage, one might see the need and importance of Doctorate level Nurse Practitioners. Due to dramatic changes in healthcare such as new medications, advancement in medical device use, increase numbers of aging population and the supply of physicians to meet the demands, etc., nurses are required to haveRead MoreEthical Dilemmas : Ethical Dilemma824 Words   |  4 Pagesother nurse practitioner specialties. There has to be mutual trusting relationship between the therapist and the patient (Perese, 2012). For example, in psychotherapy, the patient is expected to be honest and reveal personal and family secrets. If informations discussed with the psychiatric and mental health nurse practitioner is heard outside of the room by the patient, this could lead to an ethical dilemma. In other words, protecting patients right is one of the ethical dilemmas that nurses andRead MoreThe Mandatory Regulation Of Nurse Practitioners899 Words   |  4 Pagesabrogation of the mandatory regulation that required nurse practitioner to deliver primary care under the supervision of a phys ician. Dr. Jauhar, explained that the reason behind this law is due to the scarcity in the expanse of primary care physicians. He argued that Nurse Practitioners are thought to be cost-effective because they are remunerated lesser than medical doctors, however, that’s not the case Mr. Jauhar elaborated that Nurse Practitioner, though an asset to medicine, aren t equipped withRead MoreWEEK 1 Advanced Practice Nurse Will Pla677 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿ The Advanced Practice Nurse will play a crucial role in advancement of the healthcare system in the United States. There are several factors affecting today’s healthcare system which will influenced the future development of the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) role. Some of the major factors include the evolving federal and states laws, rapidly growing and aging population, increasing rates of chronic diseases in children and adults, and the cost of healthcare. These challengesRead MorePrescriptive Authority For Nurse Practitioners Essay1305 Words   |  6 PagesPrescriptive Authority for Nurse Practitioners Shelby Dorris Saint Luke s College of Health Sciences Prescriptive Authority for Nurse Practitioners In the United States, health care accessibility, quality, and affordability continue to be ongoing topics of discussion that effect many Americans on a regular basis. The need for affordable, quality healthcare continues to grow, not only due to a growing elderly population, but also as a result of the Affordable Care Act which has allowed millionsRead MoreHealth Care Career Report1276 Words   |  6 PagesHealth Care Career Report, Nurse Practitioner Victoria Crewdson Health Sciences and Related Studies, MDC Introduction to Health Care, HSC 0003 Health Care Career Report, Nurse Practitioner Introduction Many years ago I chose my studies to begin a career in the medical field. My original goal was to become a Pediatrician. However, at the end of my bachelor’s degree and after many hours spent volunteering at Miami Children’s Hospital, I decided that I wanted a career that would give me more

Bookmaster free essay sample

Background The case bookmaster explains how Drew went to bookmaster to buy a book he wanted to enjoy reading. When Drew arrived at the bookstore and explained to the CRA what book he wanted. The CRA informed Drew that the book was instock and that there were actually two copies of the book on the shelf. However, when Drew and the CRA went to the shelf to get the book there were no copies available. Drew would have to drive to another store that was 15 miles away to get the book. The CRA then suggested to Drew to buy the ebook which was almost $20 cheaper. Drew would have to download the ebook on his computer since the Kindle and iPad’s were too costly for him at the time. Kindle an Ipad both have many restrictions on their work and try to prevent piracy to maximize profits. Case Questions 1. Each player in the above value chain makes money by creating value for the stakeholders. We will write a custom essay sample on Bookmaster or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 2. 3. The ebook has many advantages and disadvantages. the first advantage is the development, marketing, and decreasing costs for eReaders. The second advantage is its easy accessible and can be read on any device if it’s an apple because they are linked together. The third advantage is that marketing the product is easier on line than in a book store. The first disadvantage is that the sale price is lower so the profit margin is relatively the same. The second disadvantage is that piracy is more common and the content is easier to duplicate. The third disadvantage is that competition is very high in the digital industry. The hard copy book also has many advantages. The first is that hardcopy books are easier to stay focused on because the web-surfing variable is eliminated. The second advantage is that you can jot down your thoughts while reading. The third advantage is hardcopy books are not subject to the failure of technology. Some disadvantages to hard copy books are as follows; The cost to make the books are high. Books are harder to carry around if you have more than a few with you. The third disadvantage is the costs of books are high. 4. The role of operations in the hardcopy value chain is to print books. The role of operations in ebooks is to produce digital content and to store the content. 5. The other issues that are important on critiquing both of these is the future. Where are books headed in the future? It is important to try and forecast whether ebooks or hardcopy books will be a thing of the past.

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Suggestions of past Brandmaps companies Essay Example

Suggestions of past Brandmaps companies Essay There are over 50 marketing research studies that were made available for our team to utilize. For the first three quarters many of the research studies were ordered, however it was discovered early on that not all the studies were useful to us. The research studies that our firm found most useful were ordered on a permanent basis which ended up saving us valuable time. Such permanent studies included customer brand awareness, brand satisfaction ratings, operating statistics reports, brand quality ratings, balance sheets of the other competitive firms, the amount of market shares we have in the industry, our overall performance report along with preference testing.. Besides the permanent studies, there are three important research studies in which our team had to make specific decisions on every time. These decisions included the conjoint analysis and both advertising and promotion experiments. The importance of the conjoint analysis and can not be emphasized enough. Having an understanding of how conjoint analysis can be useful for successful product reformulation. Further explanation of conjoint analysis is explained in the new product development section of this memorandum. Another research study we had to do individually is the advertising experiment. Whenever we introduced a new product, we had to make decision on the amount of money we needed to spend on advertising, as well as determine the best media content and mix in order to receive the highest % of customer awareness. We also tried varieties of media content and mix in the experiments. We will write a custom essay sample on Suggestions of past Brandmaps companies specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Suggestions of past Brandmaps companies specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Suggestions of past Brandmaps companies specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer For example, in Canada, a combination of price, product uses, together with heavy weighs on radio, newspaper and magazines yielded a very high percentage of customer awareness (around 85%). Conducting advertising experiments is an inexpensive task, which can result in grand results. At times, trying to find the right advertising strategy becomes frustrating, however, by continuously changing up variables, eventually, a suitable result can be obtained. It took our firm several quarters before finally finding a good advertising strategy for the Pacific region. Promotion experiments are another essential part of marketing research. Like the advertising experiment, we had to determine the amount of money to allot and the promotional type for each specified region. We found for the most part that our dealer awareness experiments yielded us very positive results, as there seemed to be less variables to play around with in order to figure out the right mix. Some of our experiments conducted resulted in very high percentages for awareness, many in the 90 to 98 percent range. At times, these results came from little spending in the promotion department, however with a useful promotional mix. Marketing research is an invaluable tool, which should be fully utilized by all firms. Its costs are minimal compared to the possible end benefits of the results, when interpreted correctly. A firm should never try to cut costs on their budget at the expense of ordering marketing research. Having a fully informed firm outweighs the few thousand dollars, which may have otherwise been saved from not ordering specific research. Knowing exactly where your competitors stand in the market and your environmental situation is the bottom line. Our philosophy is that if in doubt, order the marketing research. New Product Development Deciding on whether or not to introduce a new product into a new or existing market is like playing with a double-edged sword. There are many possible ways to look at the situation and whether or not it is a worthwhile activity. Market and competitor analyses are two very important factors when making this critical decision. We found off hand that the more competitive and unstable the market is, the less worthwhile it is entering a new product there. Probably the most important decision that has to be made is the conception of the new product. It was discovered that creating a new product specifically tailored for a market is the best way to enter a new product. Utilizing preference testing to find out what volume of attributes are most preferred along with conjoint analysis to discover the relative importance of each attribute is what has to be used when deciding on how your new vaporware product is going to look. Ensuring that your product does not infringe upon others patent zones is equally important, as this avoidable mistake could prove costly. There are various trade-offs when deciding how to compose your new product. In order to keep costs low and stay away from stepping in another firms patent zones , one may want to cut a few costs, with a huge cost saver being reducing the warranty and compatibility, especially if the relative importance of that specific attribute within that specific targeted market is not considered important. In the end, having a conducive product which meets the needs of the consumer is the bottom line when taking all new product decision variables into consideration. Introduction of a new product can be quite costly. A wise firm would initially do some prior research as to what activities are taking place within the particular targeted region, including industry growth and potential and other product formulations by competing firms. A firm would not be wise as to introduce a new product into an already over saturated or weak market. Reformulation bids are another testy item which requires intense scrutiny. Using some applicable aspects of game theory, one must anticipate what the competitors are doing in the particular targeted region, as a high Reformulation may be a complete waste of expense. This is where some calculated risk must be made. Introduction of a new product also experiences other divisional expenses which may add up, including the hiring of a sales force. Careful capacity planning should be done ahead of time so in the best possible scenario, a company will have enough capacity to produce all future ordered. In the worst possible scenario, full capacity will not be utilized and it can be sold to recover some of the capacity adding expenses incurred. Capacity planning is a touchy subject which quite frankly requires accurate long term forecasting in order for it to be cost efficient. At times, with the introduction of a new product, some short term pain must be experienced. Quite often, due to the lack of experience curve savings and presence of substantial smoothing effects, the initial cost of the product may be enormous and profit margins may be slim. Along with reformulation, sales force, initial intensive advertising and promotion expenses, there may stand to be little profit gained during an introduction. Negative profits during introduction are not a rare occurrence and a company should not be afraid to experience this. Do not worry, things will probably get better. There are a few more tips a firm can use in order to have a successful introduction of a new product. Our firm found that initial large expenditures in advertising during the roll-out of the new product is necessary for creating awareness of the product. From our advertising experiments we found that spending more money will always increase awareness of a product. If people like this new product, they will buy it. Increasing incentives for the sales force to work harder on selling the product is another feasible technique, such as increasing sales commission or salary. Dealers can initially be pushed to carry the product by providing temporary rebates. One must remember not to give these rebates for too long of a time or they will lose their effectiveness. A firm newly introducing a product must be brave and not scared to lose a bit of money during the first small stretch of existence and should not compromise their price at the expense of generating increased initial sales as this could be detrimental for long term profit. The last very important factor which should be taken into consideration is whether or not the product should be introduced into one or several markets. Our firms advice is that a company should try to create a product that is perfect for one market but can be accepted within others. We found that one of our newly introduced products was perfect for the Pacific market but also was preferred in the Canada market. As sales in the Pacific area shot up, product costs decreased, which lowered the price of the somewhat less suitable but still well-liked product in Canada, making it preferred. Our advice is that a firm should try not to create a product which partially meets the needs of multiple markets or if a firm does, dont expect it to become a grand success as it may end up flopping in all of your targeted markets. Good luck! Sales Forecast A good sales forecast is very important because it helps avoid stockouts on the one hand and high inventory levels on the other. To find out which sales forecast seems to be reasonable for the next term, you should first take a look at industry sales volume forecasts (#31). This study gives an overview of the past and future sales volume for all market regions. As mentioned in the book the study gives an overview, and therefore the major problem is, that it assumes current marketing activities of all firms in the industry to stay at the same level, or to continue their present course, which most often is not the case. Another problem with this study is, that especially when entering a new market the forecasts are often to optimistic. You should take a look at your marketing program and those of rivals. Furthermore one should also consider that the marketing research study # 31 doesnt account for unfilled orders. Consideration should be given to the population growth and the economic figures of the region. A knowledge of the stage for the product life cycle of your product, or the market, and how accepted the product composition is, are all important points of concern. To get information about your brand sales forecast you can use brand sales volume forecast (#32). You can also make your own calculation by multiplying the industry sales forecast with your market share forecast. In general its better to be a conservative in your forecasts. This is because it is better to gain more profits than forecasted than visa versa.

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yellow wallpaper essays

yellow wallpaper essays People are not always able to associate with their families. Sometimes they can put on an act in order to get along with the family; however, they do not really fit in. In the story Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the wife does not fit in with the family in many different ways. She does, however, try her best to fit in. One way that the author illustrates her not fitting with the family is because she is sick. She is living her life in a very depressed state, and John, her husband, does not want to believe it. The evidence of her being depressed is shown by how she sleeps all day and does not eat. John tries his best to believe that she is not sick, when in fact it shows through quite clearly that she is. Her husband tries to get her to do all different sorts of things to heal her. Yet he still denies that she is even the slightest bit sick. She says that she takes phosphates, and tonics, and gets air and exercise, and she is absolutely forbidden to work until she is well again (184). It is odd that John makes her do all this and still denies her sickness. It seems as though the wife has a slight mental problem. This leads to yet another way that she does not fit in with the family. She imagines that there are things in the yellow wallpaper in her room. She states that, the front pattern does move and no wonder the woman behind shakes it(193). It seems as though her husband is really overlooking how serious her condition is. As the story goes on, she physically gets better, but she gets much worse mentally. She tells her husband that the woman behind the yellow wallpaper creeps around the room during the day. She also tells him that she likes to creep around just like the lady in the wallpaper. She thinks that by doing this she will catch the woman in the paper. She says, Ive got a rope up here even Jennie couldnt find and if that woman does get out, and tri...

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A Slant On

, # 8220 ; The Old Man And The Sea # 8221 ; Essay, Research Paper Santiago: A Perfect Role Model for Manolin In the novel, # 8220 ; The Old Man and the Sea # 8221 ; , Hemingway builds a character that is easy comparative to any great hero or graven image in history. This character, named # 8220 ; Santiago # 8221 ; displays the features needed to suppress his conflicts or at least make all he can to accomplish his ends. This is particularly of import sing the fact that he is looked at as a wise man of kinds by another character, the immature male child named? Manolin. ? Manolin has known the old adult male since the age of five. As a protege to Santiago, Manolin has grown to hold a great trade of regard for the old adult male. This is represented by the male child? s avidity to stand by the old adult male? s side no affair what the state of affairs is. Santiago is the prototype of the homo will, and a show for how bravery and doggedness are able to win over troubles that seem about impossible to get the better of. Early on in the novel, we see that the old adult male has fallen onto difficult times in his fishing profession. This is non the first clip this has happened though. It has been many yearss since his last gimmick and the state of affairs looks really black to those who do non cognize the old adult male? s desire and bravery. They see the# 8220 ; furrows # 8221 ; , and # 8220 ; malignant neoplastic disease blotches # 8221 ; of an old adult male, but non the eyes, which# 8220 ; have remained unchanged. # 8221 ; Most of the townsfolk know of Santiago? s looking discouragement, and their reactions to this are slightly disconnected. A good part of the townsfolk and chap fishermen sympathize for Santiago and keep a great trade of regard for this fallen hero. But the others shun him and his curst fishing fortune. They are superstitious and experience that he brings a dark cloud to loom over the small town that will cuss all of them with his exact bad fortune. However, it is clear to the reader that it is what Santiago possesses, which the pessimistic fishermen do non, that gives the old adult male an overall advantage. This prized ownership is identified by the reader as a strong will. It appears that Santiago has ever coveted the strong will. Once known as # 8220 ; El Campeon # 8221 ; , because of his singular arm-wrestling and fishing abilities, it appears that he still obtains this strong will inside him. As a human-centered in the truest sense, he was more than willing to learn the immature Manolin everything he knew of angling while Manolin was merely a really immature kid. In return, a great trade of esteem was formed by Manolin in acknowledgment for the befriending by Santiago. Presently, nevertheless, Manolin, like many of the other fishermen isn? t absolutely clear on how to react to the old adult male? s quandary. He realizes that the old adult male is in an improbably atrocious fishing drouth, but he besides remembers their doggedness in the yesteryear and the wagess they reaped for it. He decides that he will take non to listen to others such as his male parent and what they have to state, and continue in support of his friend. As a mark of his trueness, Manolin foremost asks the old adult male if he may attach to him on his following twenty-four hours? s trip to sea. At first this supplication is turned down by the old adult male. But after farther bargaining and a spot of reminiscing of better times, the old adult male agrees to some aid from the male child. The reluctance by Santiago shows his attention for the male child? s wellbeing. It is merely the adult male? s assurance in his salvation that allowed him to eventually accept the male child? s offer of aid. Santiago? s certainty in this # 8220 ; salvation # 8221 ; is perplexing to some, while Manolin has no problem hold oning the thought. This is because the qualities that have been instilled into the male child are the same as the old adult male? s. They are genuinely believing on the same wavelength. This separates, or isolates them from the remainder of the small town ; but neither the male child nor the adult male truly cares. Subsequently in the book comes the difficult trial of Santiago? s mental and physical strengths. Finally, his opportunity for salvation, comes in the signifier of a Very big fish. In fact, it is the largest fish the old adult male has of all time attempted to catch. A great conflict between the old adult male and the fish Begins. This conflict, nevertheless, is non one fueled by fury and defeat, but instead by bravery and volitions. The old adult male and the fish are similar in certain facets. These facets are recognized by the old adult male, and this is why the conflict is such an honest one apparently on both terminals of the rope. # 8220 ; There is a difference between ? killing? and the ceasing of allowing an animate being die. # 8221 ; Santiago knows this, and he is good determined to convey in the mighty fish, and intelligibly so. # 8220 ; When an single sees that all finite centres and truenesss are fliting and incapable of being permanent objects of religion, so he will abdicate all old attempts in desperation, repent in humbleness, and appreciatively do the motion of religion by which entirely his life can go meaningful and worthwhile. # 8221 ; Yet at the same clip his regard for the fish and award of his ain character clutters any opportunities of pure satisfaction for the salvation that would be the violent death of the fish. Santiago found award in everything he did. He was non a mendicant ; though he had much to implore for. He was non a quitter ; though failure long stared him in the eyes. Most significantly, he was a lovingness adult male. He cared for himself and others every bit. It was easy to see that these traits had so been passed down to Manolin. Just as the old adult male found no # 8220 ; loss of true pride # 8221 ; in his failures, the male child found similarly in his friendly relationship with the old adult male. After all, in Hemingway? s # 8220 ; hunt for wider societal significance # 8221 ; , # 8220 ; The Old Man and the Sea # 8221 ; showed it is non success that determines one? s worth. It is, as the male child and the adult male both knew, character that is the true clincher. Bibliography A ) Klemke, E.D. # 8220 ; The Meaning of Life # 8221 ; New York: Oxford University Imperativeness 1981, p. 166 B ) # 8220 ; Hemingway # 8221 ; Compton? s Pictured Encyclopedia, vol. 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